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1. How soon do I need to book?
We take last minute reservations but to guarantee a day and time the more notice the better.

2. What the Hours Minimum Means?
The 3 hour minimum means that if we finish the job in 1 hour we will charge you for the 3 hours minimum that you agree on the contract.

3. What does your service include?
Movers, Truck, Blankets, Dollies, Disassembling & Reassembling of furniture if needed.

4. What areas do you service?
We service all San Francisco Bay Area.

5. Do you work on weekends and/or holidays?
Yes, we work on weekends and holidays.
We only closed on December 25 and January 1

6. Will you show up on time?
Yes. We take pride in our punctuality.

8. My belongings obviously mean a lot to me. How can I trust you with them?
Our crew chiefs have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the moving business. We're also licensed and insured.

9. Are there any additional fees?
As long as the job is within the miles limits there are no additional fees. Any job outside of the miles is subject to a Double Drive Time. *Example if we drive for One hour from Point A to Point B we will charge you two hours "Only" if the distance if over of 30 miles.

10. Is there anything that ML Movers, Inc. does not move?
We move most things, but there are certain things that we cannot move for you. These items include: pets, weapons, medications, jewelry, coins, pool tables, large Safes, Hot tub, I pods, Tablets, Head phones, cameras, laptops or every small item with value. Please help us to make your move easy and stress free making sure to move by yourself the item mentioned above, and items in plastic bags (please pack items in boxes). 

11. What about tipping?
Like cab drivers and waitresses, it is customary to tip movers, but it is completely up to you. If you feel the movers worked hard and took care of you, then a tip is very appreciated.

How big are the trucks?
Most of our trucks are 24x7x7 foot straight trucks called "bobtails. We also have 16 ft trucks. We'll bring enough trucks to get your move done right. Please make sure that there is a place for us to park the moving truck.

12. Can we make multiple stops?
Yes, if you'd like us to stop at a storage unit or drop off a couch at your friend's, we're happy to oblige.

13. What is "double drive time?
In California, all fully licence & insured moving company are required by the P.U.C regulation to charge double drive time. Double drive time means we don't charge you for the time it takes us to get to your origin and we also don't charge you for the time it takes us to get back to our branch at the end of the day. Instead, to pay us for this time, we double the time in the middle. Get it? It's weird, but it's the law. Nevada and Washington State both require that we charge "portal to portal" meaning from the moment we leave our branch until we get back. We only charge you for double drive time from the pick-up location address to your new location address, Only if the distance is over 30 miles. Example if we drive for one hour, we will charge you for two hours.

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