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Hourly Rates Include:
Wrapping the furniture with moving blankets to prevent damages.
Wardrobe boxes to use during the move..
Disassembling & reassembling of your furniture if needed.
*No extra charges for stairs, elevators, and long carry.
*No Extra Charges for fuel, mileage, tax, and tolls.
*No Extra Charges for Double Drive Time!.
What is "double drive time"?.
In California, all movers are required to charge "double drive time." Double drive time means that we do not charge you for the time it takes us to get to your origin, and we also don't charge you for the time it takes us to get back to our branch at the end of the day. Instead, to pay us for this time, we double the time in the middle. Get it? It's strange, but it's the law. Nevada and Washington State both require that we charge "portal to portal", meaning from the moment we leave our branch until we get back. We only charge for double drive time from the pick-up location address to your new location address, only if the distance is over 25 miles. Example if we drive for one hour, we will charge you for two hours.
*The charging time starts at your door & ends upon completion of your move*
To make a moving reservation Call Us At (650) 780-9695 or Complete our reservation form.
Apartments, Houses, Studios Apartments, Single Rooms, Storage Units, Large or Small Offices.
*Payment is due upon completion of move in either Cash, Debit or Credit Card.
*Hourly Rates*
*2 Movers with one fully equipped Cargo Van $150.00 An hour 2 Hours Minimum.
*2 Movers with one fully equipped 16 ft truck $175.00 An hour 3 Hours Minimum.
*3 Movers with one fully equipped 24 ft truck $195.00 An hour 4 Hours Minimum.
*4 Movers with one fully equipped 26 ft truck $275.00 An hour 4 Hours Minimum.
We provide professional Residential and Commercial moving & Delivery services for: