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Moving Company Lic P.U.C CAL T 191416

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P.U.C CAL T 191416
"Hourly Rates Do Not Include Cost  Of Any Packing Materials"
Hourly Rates Include:
* Use of moving equipment during the move  
* Use of blankets for furniture protection
* Use of wardrobe boxes during the move  
*  Disassembling and reassembling of your furniture if needed 
* Insurance of $0.60 cents per pound per item
* Worker's Comp Insurance  of $1,000,000 coverage  
* Cargo insurance of $50,000 coverage 
* Free building certificate of Additional insure.
* No extra charges for stairs, elevators or long carry
* No Extra Charges for fuel, mileage, tax and tolls 
After 7 Miles we charge double drive  time:* 
What double drive time is?, 
it’s a California law Public Utilities Commission Regulations. (distance we travel between your pick-up location address to your New Delivery location address) that drive time is doubled. So if it takes 15 mins, you’ll be charged for 30 mins. 
"Remember" The better prepared you are for your move, the quicker it will go saving you money
Please take the time to read through this page, completely, in order to make a better informed decision in our HOURLY RATES Service offerings.
*We are the Real Moving Company, Not a Franchise or Online Broker. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Main Goal!
*Time starts at your door & ends upon completion of your move*
Our Services Include:
Labor Services
Residential Moving
Commercial Moving
Office Moving
Delivery Servces
“If you provide your own Packing Materials, the movers can help you pack w/no additional charge for packing services”
"We Belong to Jesus"
*We provide Professional Residential and Commercial Labor, Moving, Relocation & Delivery Services*

We provide hourly services for:

Apartments, Houses, Studios Apartments, Single Rooms, Storage Units, Large or Small Offices
We Provide our Services the 7 Days of the week, Call Us At (650) 780-9695 or Complete our Reservation Form.
*Hourly Rates*
Moving & Delivery Services Available to or from Los Angeles, San Diego, Lake Tahoe Next Day Delivery!
*NOTE: We Only move Upright Pianos for not Extra Charges*
2 Movers with 1 Fully Equipped Truck  $155.00 per hour 2 Hours Minimum
3 Movers with 1 Fully Equipped Truck  $175.00 per hour 2 Hours Minimum
4 Movers with 1 Fully Equipped Truck  $195.00 per hour 2 Hours Minimum