Melissa F.
San Jose, CA 3/22/19 5 Star Rating
Great moving team. Worked well together and communicated well. I was impressed with the care of the moving and they even helped unpack big things. Helped put together our bed and arranged furniture the way we wanted.
Kanishk P.
11/7/2008 san jose ca 5 stars rating
This is my first review on yelp and I am proud to give Miguel 5 stars. His moving company is the best combination of courteous service, hard work, efficiency and PRICE! Miguel quoted me a fixed price which made me feel better about the total cost of my move. He and his guys had to tackle an extra stair case and he gave me boxes to pack with, but he didn't charge me extra. I have to say that this was my best move to date. 
San Francisco CA 1/10/2019 5 stars rating
Miguel is very easy to communicate with and schedule with.
Movers showed up right in time, were super professional and accommodating. Worked nonstop and didn't even take a break (which they are owed actually). Did their very best and respected our request for no shoes in nursery of our new place, even though they had to move in a bookshelf there.
Only small hiccup was that they didn't automatically refund the cc deposit, but this was immediately resolved after a phone call to Miguel.
Have used them 2x over the years and would do so again. Same with several friends of mine.

C R.
Santa Clara, CA 1/3/2019 5 Star Rating
I was moving from the Bay Area to Nevada and ML Movers was one of the few highly rated movers on yelp that did out of state moves. I contacted them online, they responded promptly and were very clear about their rates and terms. The day before the move, they confirmed it and 3 movers arrived promptly at the designed time on moving day. They were fast, disassembling furniture and loading the moving truck with my prepacked boxes. They even kindly helped load some of the furniture I was giving away to a friend onto his truck. They finished loading in 2 hours.
It was a 4-hour drive by car with little traffic but of course their moving truck took a little longer (5 1/2 hour drive for them, charge was for double drive time). Only took an hour to unload at my new place. They were polite, cheerful and friendly the whole time and careful with my stuff. Everything arrived intact. I've already recommended them to others who have move plans and would use them again if I was still in the Bay Area.

Christopher A.
East San Mateo, San Mateo, CA 10/29/2018 5 Star Rating
ML Movers did a great job in helping my wife and I move. Everything was done professionally and quickly. We had no issues whatsoever with our move. The cash discount and no extra charge per floor (we have 3) was a plus. Also their price includes moving boxes.

Christopher W.
San Francisco, CA 10/1/2018 5 Star Rating
From the moment I requested a quote for our job, Miguel and his crew provided nothing but first-class service - I'd absolutely recommend them to any/everyone with an upcoming Bay Area move!

As I mentioned, Miguel not only responded promptly when I reached out for a quote but he also offered some of the best rates around. Once the contract was signed, he provided a window during which Michael and his team would arrive and they were right on-time, calling to confirm everything beforehand.

Once they arrived, Michael and team quickly got to work on the apartment; at each step of the way, the guys from ML Movers were thorough, thoughtful, and careful to ensure our belongings and our homes were being treated with the utmost care. Due to some issues with tricky furniture that needed to be disassembled in order to get out the door (not ML's fault whatsoever), after nearly eight hours of work, Michael and team eventually finished packing up our SF apartment - they still had a drive to Marin and a tough involving a steep driveway and lots of steps ahead of them. At Michael's suggestion, we decided to store the furniture in the truck overnight and complete the move in the morning.

As I'd come to expect, Michael showed up on-time the next morning with the same crew and immediately got to work. Unable to back their truck up a steep driveway, the team from ML had to lug each and every box and piece of furniture up a large slope, then up a flight of stairs, before navigating a tricky turn in the door. While this was something I even found daunting, Michael and his team dove right in. The unpacking went exactly as the packing had - methodical, thoughtful, and respectful of our furniture and new home. Within four hours, everything was in the new house, reassembled, and exactly where we wanted it to be. After cleaning up some stray pieces of tape and bubble wrap, Michael walked me through some paperwork, collected the money owed, and set off with his crew.

Simply put, I cannot recommend this team more.

Sergio B.
Belmont, CA 8/13/2018 5 Star Rating
These guys are amazing!!!
I made a mistake in our reservation and schedule the move for exactly a week later than I should have. On the day of the move, we had everything packed and started taking boxes out to the curbside in anticipation of the movers coming in at 9:00AM. To my surprise, it was 9:15 and no-one had shown up, so I went to verify my original reservation and was shocked to find out of my mistake. I was in panic!!!
I first called them (understanding nobody will be at the office on a saturday) and left a message to apologize for my mistake and to cancel the move (we REALLY needed to move that day, not a week later). I then rushed to a U-Haul to rent a truck and start the move by ourselves (my wife was not happy!). While I was in line to get a truck rented, Carlos calls me back and tells me not to worry, they would send 4 guys and a truck within the hour. I could not thank them enough!!
The movers were incredible! super careful, and hard working.

Saini L.
Seattle, WA 7/23/2018 5 Star Rating
Wow. Just wow.
These guys are amazing! Cleaned out our 2br 2ba apartment in an hour and a half and was done with the whole move in 5 hours! The fastest move I've ever had. They had 4 guys and a huge truck. Everything fit in the truck so they only made one trip the entire move. They were professional, courteous and polite- a real pleasure to work with. They even had a sense of humor when carrying boxes up three flights of stairs. Honestly the best moving experience and will recommend to our friends.

Patti G.
South San Francisco, CA 5/15/2016 5 stars rating
I booked a 2man moving team. EVERYTHING from the booking, my questions and set up was flawless. They emailed a reminder and asked if I any any questions or needs the day before. They showed up on time. The 2 men were so great, professional, friendly and did not waste a minute of time. We finished early, and nothing went wrong or was broken. They took great care with my belongings and were so helpful. The final cost was actually a bit less than I estimated! ML Movers get my best rating!

Jose M.
San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 5/17/2016 
I used ML to move yesterday May 15th. These guys are awesome. Very helpful, professional, clean, careful, easy to work with and willing to be flexible and go the extra mile. I strongly recommend them. The crew that helped me especially was outstanding: Jose Mendoza with Jose and Luis. Great job guys. Thank you

Catherine K.
Dublin, CA 5/26/2016 5 stars rating
We booked it online and we were able to move the very next day! Three guys came over and they were all very nice and helpful. We had some furnitures to disassemble and reassemble as well. After the move, we found out that the wardrobe door wasn't opening correctly. When we contacted them, they sent the person over to fix it with a follow up call to make sure it was fixed. I will definitely use them again if I need to move.

Chad B.
Palo Alto, CA 5 star rating 5/26/2016
We had to move recently, and a friend highly recommended ML Movers. We had Jose Mendoza and his crew help us move our 3 bedroom home. They are a great group of guys. They're very friendly and respectful, work incredibly hard and always had a smile. We will request them again if we have any future moves.

Reina C.
Redwood City, CA 5 star rating 7/15/2016
My aunt used their services a few weeks ago and she was extremely pleased. The person who she talked to on the phone was Carlos, his service was outstanding, was very helpful and informative. The movers were very responsible and careful, the packaging was perfect. Everything made it to the new place in one piece.

Angel V.
Cupertino, CA 5 Stars rating 7/15/2016
Excellent price. And the workers were polite and respectful. Definetely the way to go.

Jessica R.
Van Nuys, CA 5 Stars rating 7/15/2016
Good service, I used them to move a few weeks back. Very responsible everyone looked professional and had all the supplies they needed.. They were careful carrying the boxes and they labeled everything properly! 5/5

Liliana Q.
Norfolk, VA 5 Stars rating 7/19/2016
I am very satisfied customer. I spoke with Carlos on the phone he was very easy to talk to. He was very informative and gave me reasonable prices compared to other movers I've talked to. The phone conversation overall was quick and easy, I had an appointment before I knew it. The day of I met with Lalito& Eduardo. Let me tell you they were very nice and respectful men. Which I loved! They were very gentle with packing my furniture and labeled everything properly. They got my furniture in the truck in record time maybe because I was the first customer of the day. But my overall experience with M.L. Movers was great and it made my moving experience SO easy. I defiantly recommend them and I'm very OCD about the way things go.

Leanne B.
San Francisco, CA 5 Stars rating 7/25/2016
We were extremely happy with our movers. They were friendly, professional and efficient. They had all of the supplies we needed and handled our things carefully. The pricing was fair and they were up-front about the cost of additional, optional items. They communicated well before and during the move. I will recommend them to friends.

Joann L.
San Francisco, CA 9/23/2016 1 Star Rating
Completely unprofessional. We were slated to move in during a specific time period to our new place and these movers were there moving in another tenant. I asked the guy if he could move his truck since we had that time slot and I'm paying my guys hourly. I asked politely and he flat out said not my problem. I got someone from management to try and explain to them and he pretty much yelled at me and the management person had to tell him it is not okay for him to talk to me like that. Totally unprofessional.

I can't believe he sent me this: I'm truly appalled. I did use the word PLEASE in the beginning and all he did was tell me "not my problem rudely", your response is so unprofessional. Truly. If he had replied nicely, I would have been happy to remove my post. 

Our Answer to this person about this review:
Ms.Joann you put a bad review to a company just because they didn't gave you their parking space witch they already had & where finishing a job of a real customer, arguing with us because you didn't wanted to pay your movers more then 2 hours for doing your move. & wanting us to waste our time to move our truck just to save you some money by doing this we would have charge our customer more money we are sorry we don't work that way, we respect our customers time.

Taylor G.
Manhattan Beach, CA 9/23/2016 5 Stars Rating
By FAR, the best movers I've ever had! I've never had such an easy move. They did a quick and amazing job for us. They wrapped everything very careful as well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a move. A very professional group of guys.

Eddie S.
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA 9/26/2016 5 Stars Rating
I've moved about 6 times in the past 8 years. These guys are the best movers I've hired. I'll for sure be calling them next year.

Steve P.
Redwood City, CA 9/27/2016 5 Stars Rating
We have hired several movers in the last few months as we move two homes and a repair shop. We hired ML Movers for a 250 mile move with 5 different pick-up & drop-off locations. They exceeded our expectations for their part of our move. In fact, we will be hiring them again for our next stage in a few months. ML was very careful with our things (a different mover broke many things). We appreciate how friendly and easy to communicate it was with the team at ML Movers. The price was reasonable too. Here's a BIG one for us - ML Movers takes credit card. We found it way convenient to use a credit card amidst other moving obligations (like security deposits with new landlords and such). Highly recommended for Bay Area and long distance moves. Thank you ML Movers.

Joseph H.
San Carlos, CA 10/4/2016 5 Stars Rating.
Very impressed with ML Movers. Guys showed up on time and ready to go. They took great care of all my furniture prepping it and packing it with care. Very professional and hard working crew. Would definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

Peter G.
Mountain View, CA 10/4/2016 5 Stars Rating
We booked ML Movers at late notice to move furniture from an apartment to a house in the same area. ML Movers had a truck and two very competent workers on site within 24 hours. The furniture was carefully wrapped and transported with no damage and within the minimum time. The booking process was quick and comprehensive by phone and email, and the follow-up after the move was prompt and courteous. We would certainly use ML Movers any time we needed to move anywhere in Silicon Valley.

Mary D San Mateo CA 9/20/2017 5 Stars Rating
They are always easy to work with, professional, and fast. We have used them for moved between professional locations as well as moves of heavy furniture within our house. From those in the office, to the guys who show up to do the actual move, all have been friendly and efficient. We will use them again in the future. I couldn't recommend them more.

Wheez B. Canyon Country, CA 12/19/2017 5 Stars Rating
I have used ML on three separate occasions ( One long distance move and two small local moves). I was very happy with the prompt and professional service. Stairs, small elevators and bed assembly were no problem. As others have mentioned, read the contract carefully, but you get what you pay for here. Would definitely use them again.

Anthony R. Redwood City CA 1/30/2018 2 Stars Rating
These guys are super friendly and Miguel was very responsive, however the execution of 3 movers to move A Bed Frame, mattress, Sectional couch, a coffee table, a Flat screen TV, a desk and a coffee table should not take 3.5 hours to move across the street with a total cost of $643. With that I stepped away for about an hour and a half to run errands to see that by the time I got back, only half of my sectional had been moved. This prompted me to stick around and from there, they seemed to pick up their pace. One of the "movers" was an interpreter who did some moving and there was another mover who was pretty much deadweight and was there to Hold the doors and the elevator buttons. Again REALLY nice guys but not worth $643.

E G.
San Francisco, CA 4/7/2018 5 Stars rating
Excellent service, great experience. I scheduled a move for a start time of between 2-3:30 pm on a Friday. ML Movers showed up exactly at 2 pm and were ready to go. They were quick, professional, careful and friendly. I appreciated them wrapping my dresser and large picture to avoid damage and also wrapping my mattress to keep it clean. I highly recommend them.. 

All this quality service for a very reasonable price! Be sure to book online and also pay in cash for discounted pricing. Thank you, ML!

Jeff A.
Redwood City, CA 6/12/2018 5 Stars rating
Very professional team. Arrived early, work fast, can respond to specific requests easily. Slightly expensive, but they didn't charge extra for packing or trash disposal. They can also move heavy items like safes or tables. Took 8 hrs to move 3-bd 3-bth house.

Catherine A. Sunnyvale, CA 6/20/2018 5 Stars rating
This is the 4th time we've used ML Movers - and I'm already looking to book our next one. Recently, they've been helping us move stuff into a storage pod while we renovate our house. They are always super polite, pay close attention to detail, work hard and the cost is reasonable. Could not recommend them more! We've had a number of friends use them at our suggestion and everyone is always very pleased.

Christopher A.
East San Mateo, CA 10/29/2018 5 Stars rating
ML Movers did a great job in helping my wife and I move. Everything was done professionally and quickly. We had no issues whatsoever with our move. The cash discount and no extra charge per floor (we have 3) was a plus. Also their price includes moving boxes. 

Would definitely recommend.

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Todd B. 
El Granada, CA 11/2/20 5 Star Rating
ML Movers did a great job on moving my exercise equipment that I purchased from a private owner in a different area. They arrived on time/early, were very respectful, and communicated clearly through the entire process. I had a difficult location to bring the equipment to which was heavy, they worked very diligently and brought it inside without any damage and nothing but smiles.
I called on Saturday afternoon and was able to schedule my move Sunday morning which I never thought I'd be able to do, but I was very happy that they could accommodate my needs.

*ML Movers Moving Families, Not Just Furniture's
*It is not easy to keep every customer happy but we will keep doing our best!