Abby R.
San Francisco, CA 08/25/2008 5 stars rating 
Miguel and his team showed up early, were professional and efficient, and completed our move more quickly than we could have thought possible. Our new apartment required some tricky maneuvering to get couches to fit, etc., and Miguel was able to navigate it expertly. I definitely recommend ML Movers - it took a lot of the stress out of moving.
Patricia E.
Foster City, CA 10/12/2008 4 stars rating
I found Laines movers now ML MOVERS on Yelp. Miguel Lainez and his team are absolutely as terrific as all the other reviewers said. Miguel is very accommodating and easy to work with. They were ready to work right on time. My furniture was handled with care and everything went very smoothly. This was the easiest move that I've ever had! The price was quite reasonable, too.
Highly recommended
Mingtze Y.
Mountain View, CA 10/13/2008 5 stars rating 
I found ML Movers on Yelp. For a one bedroom move from Mountain View to Palo Alto, the quote is $300 vs $325 from Movers Circle. Miguel is prompt in replying my phone call and email which I appreciate.
On the moving day, Miguel and his crew came earlier than reserved time but I have all the boxes ready thus this is not a problem. The crew is very efficient. The whole move from loading to unloading is done within 20 hours. Dressers or drawers ..mattresses are all wrapped. Mirrors are wrapped with blanket. When unloading, as I don't want my brand new hardwood floor to be scratched or carpet to be dirty, they lie down blankets all the way to each room. Every movers handle my boxes and items carefully making sure they won't damage it. Only one accident happens with a lamp but that's okay. I'm very happy with this move
Kanishk P.
11/7/2008 san jose ca 5 stars rating
This is my first review on yelp and I am proud to give Miguel 5 stars. His moving company is the best combination of courteous service, hard work, efficiency and PRICE! Miguel quoted me a fixed price which made me feel better about the total cost of my move. He and his guys had to tackle an extra stair case and he gave me boxes to pack with, but he didn't charge me extra. I have to say that this was my best move to date. 
Bob L.
Palo Alto, CA 12/29/2008 5 stars rating
My son and I have used ML Movers 3 times for moving on the Peninsula.
Every time they have been professional, courteous, quick and very fairly priced. Any time we asked them for some extra help they were happy to accommodate us. I would highly recommend ML Movers for anyone moving in their area of service. Most important I would definitely use them again. Miguel and his crew are great!
Kevin A.
Palo Alto, CA 1/12/2009 5 stars rating
Miguel and his crew were fantastic. They arrived 15 minutes early and we were in our new house by 2 pm that same day. Not a thing was damaged and they were very professional. We will definitely use them again! 

Nancy B.
Redwood City, CA 1/13/2009 5 stars rating
It was a very nice to have them do my move. They really wrap everything very well, didn't care that my job was small. They had the patience to wait for me finishing packing my belongings and they even took care on disposing my moving garbage, like a cal-king bed.
Thank you Miguel, and I will hire you guys again for my next move, which hopefully will be soon. 

courtney S.
San Francisco, CA
5 stars rating1/22/2009 I contacted ML Movers after reading reviews on Yelp. I was able to schedule my move for the very next day. Miguel & his team were very efficient, courteous & on time. I have had bad experiences with movers from Craig list. This was one of the easiest moves I've experienced. I will definitely recommend ML Movers to family/ friends & use them for my next move. 

Pab G.
Redwood City, CA
5 stars rating 1/23/2009 I had a great experience with these guys. I used their packing + moving package and it was a flat rate of $725 for a 2br apt, no additional charges or surprises. Most places go hourly and their estimate was over $1200. Everything was done in 1 day, nothing was broken or scratched. I would highly recommend them. 

Mark S.
San Francisco, CA
5 stars rating 2/2/2009 Miguel's moving services were professional, efficient, friendly, and economical and I'd hire them again in a second. They arrived on time (10 minutes early!), had 3 movers to help the job move along, they even helped me finish packing my last few boxes, they wrapped all the furniture in protective blankets and wrap, and they were utterly professional the entire way through. Miguel used to work for a large moving company and then started his own business, so I felt good working with a locally-owned family business. The flat rate was a big incentive for me, too.
Highly recommended 

Christine T.
San Francisco, CA
5 stars rating 2/3/2009 These guys were great! I was skeptical at first because of the reasonable flat rate to move all the way from Palo Alto to SF while everyone else was charging extra for the drive, extra for the stairs, extra for what seemed like everything. In the end, i was thrilled with ML Movers service! Two movers came on time at 8 am and worked HARD. They took very good care of the furniture, barely stopped for a break, and were very responsive to any requests. They were careful and quick. I would definitely use them again. 

Diana L.
Palo Alto, CA
5 stars rating 2/5/2009 These guys are great. We had them move my mother-in-law's stuff from storage to her new apartment, and then move the excess back to storage a week later. There were no surprise charges, and everything was done quickly and professionally. I just wish we had found them before we hired the very expensive national company to move her from Sacramento to storage earlier. They did a much better job for far less money. We will hire them next time from the get-go. 

Kai P.
San Jose, CA
5 stars rating2/6/2009
Miguel and his team are phantastic!
Thanks so much for making our move so easy & comfortable for us.
There's nothing more you could ask for: Very easy & prompt communication upfront, they showed up on time, were pretty fast, and they actually wrapped every single piece of furniture in plastic foil (as can be seen on one of their pics here) - thus making sure that really nothing gets damaged.
Thanks a ton, guys (and sorry for having so much heavy stuff... ;-) )
Our next move will definitively be with you again!
Christina H.
Sunnyvale, CA 5 stars rating 2/9/2011 1 photo I used ML movers last weekend. We needed movers to wrap our furnitures very well (we have some real wood and heavy furnitures) and put them into the garage for storage. I've checked other moving companies and they go by hourly rate instead of flat rate.  I decided to go with ML movers because their online photos showed more layers of wrapping and I don't want to worry about how many hours of work.  
The movers showed up 5 minuets early with two guys, they were very efficient and no hesitate when I asked them to wrap something. They stack up the furnitures very well and I was pleased with their work! You can see my photo.
ML moveres did an outstanding job and flat rate was definitely a better deal!

Sharon R.
Palo Alto, CA 5 stars rating 2/12/2011 We had ML Movers move us from our third story condo, with no elevator and these guys were amazing! They showed up right on time, wrapped each piece of our furniture carefully in a blanket and special plastic wrap, and carried them down 3 flights of stairs and still had a smile on their faces. They are truly professionals. We own Ingrid's Suntanning in Palo Alto and Customer Service is very important to us as well. Outstanding job you guys and thanks for making our move a breeze! Well deserved 5 STAR RATING! :)

Sasha R.
San Francisco, CA 5 stars rating  2/12/2011 So a typical move for me includes a few friends, an emotional breakdown, some broken walls, and broken furniture.  But this time I decided I was gonna get people.  My idea of "people" was to get a truck from home depot and find some movers off of craigslist.  Well that was a terrible idea.  I was living in a dream world imagining that would be easy. The stress of driving a truck in SF and dealing with my craigslist movers of unknown origin would have killed me.  

When I was telling my friend about my master plan, she recommended ML Movers.  They offer a flat rate or hourly depending on your pref, have INSURANCE (crazy), will dismantle and reassemble your furniture, and will bring & drive the truck.  The flat rate pretty much sold it to me $350 for unknown hours of work.  This included hauling the furniture up 3 flights of stairs and no extra charge.  They were professional, timely, amazing, and kinda cute.  Nothing was broken. They humored all my last minute adds of additional boxes.  They refused all my offers of help.  And best of all the move was completed in about 3 hours!  My friends and I usually take like 12hrs.  Hopefully I won't need to move for at least a few yrs, but should I need to, I would definitely use ML again.

Pamela H.
Menlo Park, CA 5 stars rating 
 2/23/2011 These guys were awesome from the first email to the last interaction with them.  We just renovated our house and had 4 bins from door-to-door storage delivered to our driveway that needed unloading.  There were over 100 boxes and a bunch of furniture. The guys from ML Movers were on time, courteous, efficient and, most importantly, careful with our stuff and our house.  Every time I saw a problem about to happen, like the new hardwood floors endangered, they resolved it before I even had a chance to comment (e.g. by putting down moving blankets to protect the floor).  The person who took my reservation was great to deal with.  I ended up rescheduling the move several times because of delays in the completion of the house, but she didn't bat an eye.  I recommend them without reservation and will definitely use them again if I have another move.

Andrea M.
San Mateo, CA 5 stars rating
3/16/2011 Listen, I hate moving-it blows no matter what you do.  I contacted ML very last minute-I had to be out...that's just what happened.  So I packed everything up and called and went with the flat rate.  The staff on the phone was helpful and even though I had a short window (um,,,,tommorrow) they worked with me on finding a time slot.  Then, when they showed up they had everything they needed, they were quick, efficient, no hassle, no extra fees or charges or hidden agendas that I have had happen in the past with other moving companies.  ML are professional, get the job done and the price is fair.  Give these guys a shot, you will be very pleased.

Jenna M.
Belmont, CA 5 stars rating
 3/16/2011 These guys are AWESOME! Roberto, Antonio and Helton made our move the most painfree, easy move ever.  They showed up 10 minutes early and had the entire job done in about 5 hours - amazing! We moved from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house and have a TON of stuff, which they took excellent care of.  Each item was wrapped carefully and they went above and beyond my expectations.  I would highly recommend this company and these movers and have no doubt that when we move again, we will be calling on ML movers to do the job. Thank you Roberto, Antonio and Helton!!!

Merrill W.
Fountain Hills, AZ
6/3/2011  5 Stars Rating
My moving experience today was absolutely perfect.  I had two young
men who were the nicest, gentlest individuals - exceptionally careful with all of my belongings - pleasant to work with - on time - diligent - one of the very best moving companies I have ever used.  I highly recommend them in every way.

Rachel G.
Belmont, CA
6/7/2011 5 Stars Rating
I had a great experience with these movers. I got an email quote and then called to book. Everyone was friendly and responded quickly. The movers were here this morning and they were crazy fast, careful, and efficient. They unloaded the 16 foot trailer in just under 2 hours and placed everything exactly where I wanted it. In addition, they were friendly and polite. I highly recommend this company.

S Y.
Palo Alto, CA
6/9/2011  4 Stars Rating
We used ML Movers in May 2011.  We opted for the hourly rate, thinking our move wouldn't take too long, but the move ended up costing just barely more than the flat rate price.  We moved into a 3 story townhouse and lots of stuff needed to go to the 3rd floor.  However, what slowed things down were two major factors:
1. They used plastic wrap to protect EVERYTHING, including a cheap wooden IKEA shoe rack.  I had to explicitly tell them to not protect certain items.  I was concerned about running overtime, so I had to really police them to not protect so many things that didn't make sense to protect.
2. Their methods of moving are quite frankly primitive.  They don't set up ramps, they don't use harnesses, nothing.  They use their muscles and nothing else.  I've used other moving companies before in Boston and was amazed by how swiftly the workers protected and moved my stuff.  ML Movers by contrast moved at a snail's pace.

They get 4 stars because they worked hard, got the job done, and gave a good price.  They don't get the 5th star because I think they are slow and really ought to train their employees to use harnesses and ramps to save time and reduce the risk of injury.  Unless you have a trivial move without much furniture, go with the flat rate.

San Jose, CA
6/14/2011  5 Stars Rating 
ML Movers (specifically Miguel and his team) helped us with our move yesterday from a 4 bedroom 3 storey house to another 4 bedroom single story. They were FANTASTIC! They were 10 mins early, got straight to work, and had a friendly smile on their faces all the time. They blanketed and wrapped everything professionally and efficiently, and moved it all without a scratch. Do note that you do have to pay for wrapping materials separtely but they tell you that up front and there are no other hidden charges. You can decide what you want wrapped or not.

When we got to our new place, they unloaded everthing and even organized the boxes in the garage so it'd be easy for us to locate stuff. They unwrapped the furniture and reassembled everything just as efficiently.

I definitely highly recommend them!

Ed M. 
Palo Alto, CA 5 Stars Rating
6/28/2011 I chose to go with the fixed rate plan for my family move from Palo Alto to Oakland.  It was nice to not have to watch the clock.  The movers were friendly, respectful of our property, prompt and efficient.  Everything arrived inperfect condition.  They even moved some big items to the dumpster as a courtesy.  Highly recommended.

Lauren K. 
South San Francisco, CA
7/29/2011 These. Guys. Are. FANTASTIC. I chose them due to their Yelp reviews, and they were absolutely worth every penny (and probably more). I had three great movers and a 24 ft. truck move our 2 bedroom apartment from the East Bay to South City. My husband and I moved some things over before they showed up, and we honestly wish we had let them handle every single piece of the move. They wrapped everything, packed things with care, and every piece arrived safely in our new home! They were courteous, efficient and absolutely cannot be beat. I am still exhausted from unpacking and moving and hope to NEVER EVER MOVE AGAIN, but if I do, I'm choosing ML Movers for sure.

Carla B. 
Gresham, OR
7/29/2011 Recently moved with ML. I chose the flat rate and packing/unpacking service. Can highly recommend them. They were on time, wrapped everything in plastic wrap and blankets  and were very diligent with all furniture. On top of that, the movers were very efficient. Nothing got damaged. 2 small parts were missing at the end for which I got a check as reimbursement. Have no complaints.

Laura W. 
San Carlos, CA
7/29/2011 ML Movers did a great job. The office staff is organized and efficient and the movers showed up on time. They were friendly, professional, organized, and cost effective. They had to take off some doors and assemble/reassemble furniture -- they had all the tools ready. And, they were nice guys to work with.

Sarah & Saeed 
San Jose CA 8/18/2011
Just wanted to provide some comments on the move experience.
We have moved several times in the past and this was by far the BEST experience we had.
The movers were very courteous, they did a really good job in disassembling, wrapping and assembling furniture. They were very careful in making sure nothing gets damaged. They even tighten some furniture items that were loose before moving.
They were very patient in making sure furniture goes in the right place in the new location.
The movers were very fast and efficient as well.
Last, but not the least, they did not ask for any Tips. Ofcourse we tipped them appropriately.
I have recommended ML Movers to my real estate agent who might refer you to other home buyers for their moving needs. I will definitely call ML Movers for any future moving needs.
We need lot more such moving companies in the industry.

Sarah & Saeed
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Tammy T. 
Menlo Park, CA 9/1/2011 
My hubby and I have had to move 10 times in the last 6 years so although I was a bit skeptical that any moving company could consistently get 5 stars on YELP, the ML Movers Team made a believer out of me.

The ML Mover Team exceeded my expectations.

I have to say from start (Lina was pleasant, professional, efficient, thorough, patient: EXCELLENCE) to finish (the 3-men who did the job: respectful, pleasant, professional, efficient, hard working: FANTASTIC) and in-between (all the checkpoints, updates, messaging)
this is the *****BEST MOVE***** I have experienced.

And on top of it all, the guys showed up two hours early just when I was wishing they would!

You cannot beat that!

Excellent service from start to finish.

Although I hope I never have to move again (!) if I do, I will return to ML MOVERS -- you guys mean it when you say: Thanks again and have a Happy Move!

Best Regards,

Joanna P. 
Redwood City, CA 10/7/2011 
Great from start to finish.  We opted for the fixed fee move and had a TON of stuff in our two bedroom apartment.  It took them all day to do what they probably had thought would only take half a day, but they did not complain at all.  The total cost was less than half what another company in the area quoted us.  They were very polite and very careful with our things the whole time.  Nothing was broken or even dented or scratched.  I have never been happier to give a generous tip and would definitely use them again.

Lauren K. 
South San Francisco, CA 7/29/2011 
These. Guys. Are. FANTASTIC. I chose them due to their Yelp reviews, and they were absolutely worth every penny (and probably more). I had three great movers and a 24 ft. truck move our 2 bedroom apartment from the East Bay to South City. My husband and I moved some things over before they showed up, and we honestly wish we had let them handle every single piece of the move. They wrapped everything, packed things with care, and every piece arrived safely in our new home! They were courteous, efficient and absolutely cannot be beat. I am still exhausted from unpacking and moving and hope to NEVER EVER MOVE AGAIN, but if I do, I'm choosing ML Movers for sure.

Samuel G. 
Palo Alto, CA 9/26/2011 
I couldn't have been more impressed with these guys.  They lived up to the yelp hype and then some.

Our move was scheduled for 8 am on a Wednesday, and when I showed up to the storage unit to load our stuff, they were already waiting for me.

As I mentioned, our move was out of a storage unit and into our new apartment.  It wasn't an easy move.  We have a entertainment center the weighs at least 300 pounds, and plenty of other smaller furniture.  They were fast, they were exceedingly careful not to bump walls or ceilings, and they were always willing to help me adjust furniture around the room or assemble something. 

They finished the *whole* thing in just over 3 hours.  There is a 4 hour minimum on the hourly rate move, but I still feel we got a steal, paying around 400 bucks at the end of the day.

I would use them again in a heartbeat. Professionals.

Chalanna B. Palo Alto, CA 5.0 star rating 6/6/2014
Amazing! I just had the best moving experience with ML Movers. I got up bright and early to pack all the little stuff. Jorge and the guys arrived on time and were very quick and efficient. They were pleasant to work with and didn't make fun of my creative use of bags vs boxes. In fact, they just had this great attitude in general that made it really easy to work with them. The move was from Palo Alto to San Bruno and we were done in 2.75 hours with the drive time included.

Charlotte N.
Carmel, CA 5.0 star rating 8/2/2014
From the first phone call with Jessica to paying and saying goodbye to Santos and Juan, the move went without a snag and was even a pleasure. They were efficient, careful, polite and professional. This was the first time we used ML Movers and the first time in 18 years that we've moved anything. We were VERY satisfied and recommend them highly.
Charlotte and Clark, Carmel CA
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Amy K.
San Mateo, CA 5 star rating 2/11/2015
Love, Love, Love working with this company. I have now worked with them for three personal moves and a corporate move. All went very smoothly. Even stuff I had no idea how to pack, they just scooped up, wrapped, packed and got it safely to the finish line. All were raving on our first day in the new office how well our move went.

Thanks ML!!!

Jgravel X.
Hayward, CA 2/20/2016 1 Star Rating
Like some other previous post on this company I had them pack my boxes and I too feel they stole from me.
Moved me on Friday on Saturday I get broken into. Someone opened on particular moving they new exactly where to look. I can't prove it was M.L. movers but there are a lot of things that line up and point to ML Movers. I would not trust this company at all.  

I would give them ZERO stars just on the way the owner Miguel handled my phone call. After calling him up and telling him my concern he just basically said it was my problem. All he needed to do was simply inquire his supervisor etc....I was not asking for credit or anything else.

Instead I get threats from him "if you post negative review I will sue you!" Then he says F....Y... and hangs up. Look at the responses the owner Miguel leaves for negative reviews. This alone shows a THUG MENTALITY.
Nice Job handling customer service.

​Our Answers to this customer:

My explication to all the persons that take their time to read this review is as follows:

We move one part of a 3 bedroom home from San Jose CA to Hayward CA we protected everything to save it in the warehouse of his company when we arrived to the place of delivery the employee of this person were waiting for us to arrive to receive and storage everything we started to unload and the person that was operating the forklift grabbed the tings in a non-appropriate way and he was rapidly going in and out of the warehouse we told him In various occasions to be careful because the things he was carrying were fragile and he would smile and told us not to worry. We finished our job and the person that receive everything signed the papers confirming he receive everything in order and without damage, and this person that wrote this bad review wasn't present that day, this means that his workers were alone with his stuff.

The day after he called us and he said that one of his boxes was opened and things were stolen from that particular box, and he got angry and started disrespecting us treating us as stupid and this is the reason why we had to end the call with him, we never got the way he said we did.

Maya C.
San Francisco, CA 4 star rating 3/11/2015
Moving is the worst, am i right?

I used ML Movers for my move from Palo Alto up to SF. My go to moving company was completely booked up, so after much research I decided to give ML Movers a try.

I am so glad that I decided to go with ML Movers - not only was the price right, they exceeded my expectations. I had a team of three (Jorge, Genaro and Luis) and they were professional, hardworking and friendly. Once they finished unloading everything they offered to move furniture around and even helped me fix my TV console (missing screws). All of this came in under the four hour minimum, but I still felt that the price was fair, especially since driving time was negligible first thing in the morning on a Sunday.

My biggest issue is that they are not registered with any of the insurance providers I've used in the past. They offer their own coverage which is prohibitively expensive. I decided not to take out coverage, as it was a local move, but if I was moving further this would certainly factor into my decision.

Leigh V.
Pacifica, CA 8/28/2008 4 stars rating 
I moved. So when I moved, I asked friends to help. Friends ended up having other things to do, so deep down in my penny pinching heart, I had a feeling they didn't want to help. So I hopped on Yelp and typed in "movers."
A last minute phone call, a same day appointment made(ON A SATURDAY none the less). I get a $240 dollar quote and 3 hours later, I was moved from E.P.A. to Pacifica.
Miguel Laines who I spoke with via phone, but didn't meet was polite and professional. The guys showed up five minutes late, but it was okay I wasn't completely packed.
Note though: CHECK YOUR ITEMS BEFORE AND AFTER MOVE b/c a few things were scratched/dented and a lamp shade ripped. :-(
So...what is a good tip for the movers? I stairs and I didn't have that much crap. I am moving from a studio..not too bad. A twenty should suffice? Yay? Nay? I don't know but that is what I tipped.
*ML Movers Moving Families, Not Just Furniture's
*It is not easy to keep every customer happy but we will keep doing our best!
Anisa K.
San Francisco, CA 4/7/2016 1 Star rating
I attempted to work with ML Movers for my third move and had an incredibly frustrating experience during the course of trying to book the move. While they continued to have more competitive rates, the pre-move customer experience has gone down significantly and they are unable to provide some of the basic things that most other companies are able to. I will not be reaching out to ML Movers again, nor will I provide a recommendation for them to any friends who are moving (as I have for the past 4 years).  

Here is what went wrong:
- I was quoted a 10% cash discount over the phone, but my paperwork said 5%. This was adjusted at my request - but read your contracts, people. 
- I was told over the phone that all moving materials, such as blankets, shrink wrap, and tape, would be included (as it was with my last moves). My paperwork said there would be an additional cost for these materials. When I pressed on this, I was informed that there would be no flexibility. When I asked what I should expect this to cost, I was told it was impossible to know. I understand this, however I think it is reasonable to ask for a ballpark number of what the materials may cost may be based on the size of my move, and their experience with similar moves. I just wanted an estimate to know how much cash I should withdraw. 
- My new apartment building requires a certificate of insurance, and for the complex to be listed on the insurance as additionally insured. I was told that I had to pay an additional $300, or pay for 3 movers (instead of 2) in order to obtain this. Every other company I spoke with after my bad experience with ML told me that this would be provided at no cost within 24 hours of signing the moving agreement.
- I asked repeatedly for a detailed estimate - which other companies were able to provide to me within 15 minutes of request. On my last request for this information (which I really only needed in order to know how much cash I should withdraw for my move), the owner responded saying my reservation was cancelled.

Our Answers to this customer:
We're sorry Anisa, we are not the cheap movers you were looking for,and we prefer this bad review for not providing you our service instead of you saying that we charge you more afterwards. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE

Al S.
San Bruno, CA 4/13/2016 5 stars rating
The price was fair. They did all the right things a good moving company does. Their men were efficient and caring with our stuff. They were perfect. I will certainly use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone.

I got a quote quick based on hourly time. No B.S. from them.  

Very, very impressed with the service.

Laura B.
Menlo Park, CA 4/18/2016 1 Star rating
Thought these guys were doing great until I realized they were not organized, had no packing supplies with them, packed my things in boxes without labeling them and basically just throwing my things around and hen lost some pieces to my furniture yet insisted they gave it to me. I also unfortunately had things stolen from me and when I asked Miguel about it he said I could not prove it. Very sad as I have these guys some things I no longer wanted and fed them during the day. I would never recommend this company to anyone. 

This company is now responding with a bunch of nonsense. My people know and trust my word so nice try. Get ready for a lawsuit.

Our Answers to this customer:
We move this person, and someone else pay for her move because apparently she did't have the money to pay for it, the next day this person started to ask discount percentage, since we didn't give her what she wanted the next day she called us with a list of expensive items that apparently were lost during the move, and asking for more than $600.00 she wanted us to give her back that money. So this is another review of a person that threaten us that if we didn't give her the money she was asking for, but as we have told many other people that tries to extortion us in the same way that we are real and we don't pay a penny for them to put good or bad reviews or for them to take down the bad reviews.

Lynn A.
Redwood City, CA 4/25/2016 5 Stars rating
This was our third time using ML Movers and we couldn't have been happier with the service. The guys were on time, very efficient, helped tape up boxes we hadn't sealed yet and were very good about labeling things they packed up. They took great care with our things and brought plenty of supplies with them. Very hard working guys with a really great attitude. They had no problem with us helping to move things/unwrap things to speed things up. They made moving day much more pleasant than I expected. Price was fair and from start to finish it was an extremely professional service. Very impressed and will definitely hire them again for any of our moving needs!

Farshid H.
San Jose, CA 5/13/2016 4 Stars rating
I have used ML Movers three times over the last five years. Each time my experience has been very positive. They are professional. I had a lot of stuff that needed to be stored in a a PODS unit. Many items very fragile. I watched them carefully plan and organize how they would fill out the unit. They managed to secure my fragile items and pack this unit very efficiently using every cubic inch of space. Thanks to their work I can now save hundreds of dollars by not having to rent a second PODS unit. I am looking forward to using them again when it is time to unpack all of this.
Patti G.
South San Francisco, CA 5/15/2016 5 stars rating
I booked a 2man moving team. EVERYTHING from the booking, my questions and set up was flawless. They emailed a reminder and asked if I any any questions or needs the day before. They showed up on time. The 2 men were so great, professional, friendly and did not waste a minute of time. We finished early, and nothing went wrong or was broken. They took great care with my belongings and were so helpful. The final cost was actually a bit less than I estimated! ML Movers get my best rating!

Jose M.
San Francisco, CA 5 star rating 5/17/2016 
I used ML to move yesterday May 15th. These guys are awesome. Very helpful, professional, clean, careful, easy to work with and willing to be flexible and go the extra mile. I strongly recommend them. The crew that helped me especially was outstanding: Jose Mendoza with Jose and Luis. Great job guys. Thank you

Catherine K.
Dublin, CA 5/26/2016 5 stars rating
We booked it online and we were able to move the very next day! Three guys came over and they were all very nice and helpful. We had some furnitures to disassemble and reassemble as well. After the move, we found out that the wardrobe door wasn't opening correctly. When we contacted them, they sent the person over to fix it with a follow up call to make sure it was fixed. I will definitely use them again if I need to move.

Chad B.
Palo Alto, CA 5 star rating 5/26/2016
We had to move recently, and a friend highly recommended ML Movers. We had Jose Mendoza and his crew help us move our 3 bedroom home. They are a great group of guys. They're very friendly and respectful, work incredibly hard and always had a smile. We will request them again if we have any future moves.

Reina C.
Redwood City, CA 5 star rating 7/15/2016
My aunt used their services a few weeks ago and she was extremely pleased. The person who she talked to on the phone was Carlos, his service was outstanding, was very helpful and informative. The movers were very responsible and careful, the packaging was perfect. Everything made it to the new place in one piece.

Angel V.
Cupertino, CA 5 Stars rating 7/15/2016
Excellent price. And the workers were polite and respectful. Definetely the way to go.

Jessica R.
Van Nuys, CA 5 Stars rating 7/15/2016
Good service, I used them to move a few weeks back. Very responsible everyone looked professional and had all the supplies they needed.. They were careful carrying the boxes and they labeled everything properly! 5/5

Liliana Q.
Norfolk, VA 5 Stars rating 7/19/2016
I am very satisfied customer. I spoke with Carlos on the phone he was very easy to talk to. He was very informative and gave me reasonable prices compared to other movers I've talked to. The phone conversation overall was quick and easy, I had an appointment before I knew it. The day of I met with Lalito& Eduardo. Let me tell you they were very nice and respectful men. Which I loved! They were very gentle with packing my furniture and labeled everything properly. They got my furniture in the truck in record time maybe because I was the first customer of the day. But my overall experience with M.L. Movers was great and it made my moving experience SO easy. I defiantly recommend them and I'm very OCD about the way things go.

Leanne B.
San Francisco, CA 5 Stars rating 7/25/2016
We were extremely happy with our movers. They were friendly, professional and efficient. They had all of the supplies we needed and handled our things carefully. The pricing was fair and they were up-front about the cost of additional, optional items. They communicated well before and during the move. I will recommend them to friends.

Joann L.
San Francisco, CA 9/23/2016 1 Star Rating
Completely unprofessional. We were slated to move in during a specific time period to our new place and these movers were there moving in another tenant. I asked the guy if he could move his truck since we had that time slot and I'm paying my guys hourly. I asked politely and he flat out said not my problem. I got someone from management to try and explain to them and he pretty much yelled at me and the management person had to tell him it is not okay for him to talk to me like that. Totally unprofessional.

I can't believe he sent me this: I'm truly appalled. I did use the word PLEASE in the beginning and all he did was tell me "not my problem rudely", your response is so unprofessional. Truly. If he had replied nicely, I would have been happy to remove my post. 

Our Answer to this person about this review:
Ms.Joann you put a bad review to a company just because they didn't gave you their parking space witch they already had & where finishing a job of a real customer, arguing with us because you didn't wanted to pay your movers more then 2 hours for doing your move. & wanting us to waste our time to move our truck just to save you some money by doing this we would have charge our customer more money we are sorry we don't work that way, we respect our customers time.

​Yesica D.
Menlo Park, CA Working for Indigo Apartments Redwood City CA 9/23/2016 1 Star Rating
By far the worst customer service experience EVER! The OWNER Miguel Is so unprofessional and vulgar. I did not use their services and probably would never either, The way he speaks to people is so unacceptable and disgusting. When I actually called to complain I was actually shocked to find out the person I wanted to complain about was actually the owner, Like how rude! He was so quick to give us his card as well as if because he is the owner it gives him a right to treat people this way. Pointing fingers and telling people how they should and shouldn't speak is not ok, EVER. especially when you are the one providing the service!

Our Answer to this person that work for Indigo Apartments:
 We ask our self why a person like you that's working in that building & make the mistake to reserve the parking space for 2 people at the same time. Wanted us to fixed your mistake by moving our truck when your customer Joann L, that also gave us a bad review for your mistake arrive with their movers, you got mad because you wanted us to move our truck to give the parking space to your customer but we got their 1st. You call your manager & he confirmed you that we where allowed to be their until 1:00 PM and we finish the move of our customer at 12:30 Noon that day. I offer you our business card because you where taking pictures of our truck logo from our company. Just to let you know every single peace of furniture that you see as a decoration in the whole building it was deliver by us. We work so many days in that building & never had a miss understanding with anyone regarding the parking space because it was properly manage. If you take your own mistake personal & blame it on other companies you are going to have a lot of work putting bad reviews because there are a lot of companies that go there.

Taylor G.
Manhattan Beach, CA 9/23/2016 5 Stars Rating
By FAR, the best movers I've ever had! I've never had such an easy move. They did a quick and amazing job for us. They wrapped everything very careful as well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need of a move. A very professional group of guys.

Eddie S.
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA 9/26/2016 5 Stars Rating
I've moved about 6 times in the past 8 years. These guys are the best movers I've hired. I'll for sure be calling them next year.

Steve P.
Redwood City, CA 9/27/2016 5 Stars Rating
We have hired several movers in the last few months as we move two homes and a repair shop. We hired ML Movers for a 250 mile move with 5 different pick-up & drop-off locations. They exceeded our expectations for their part of our move. In fact, we will be hiring them again for our next stage in a few months. ML was very careful with our things (a different mover broke many things). We appreciate how friendly and easy to communicate it was with the team at ML Movers. The price was reasonable too. Here's a BIG one for us - ML Movers takes credit card. We found it way convenient to use a credit card amidst other moving obligations (like security deposits with new landlords and such). Highly recommended for Bay Area and long distance moves. Thank you ML Movers.

Joseph H.
San Carlos, CA 10/4/2016 5 Stars Rating.
Very impressed with ML Movers. Guys showed up on time and ready to go. They took great care of all my furniture prepping it and packing it with care. Very professional and hard working crew. Would definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

Peter G.
Mountain View, CA 10/4/2016 5 Stars Rating
We booked ML Movers at late notice to move furniture from an apartment to a house in the same area. ML Movers had a truck and two very competent workers on site within 24 hours. The furniture was carefully wrapped and transported with no damage and within the minimum time. The booking process was quick and comprehensive by phone and email, and the follow-up after the move was prompt and courteous. We would certainly use ML Movers any time we needed to move anywhere in Silicon Valley.

Mary D San Mateo CA 9/20/2017 5 Stars Rating
They are always easy to work with, professional, and fast. We have used them for moved between professional locations as well as moves of heavy furniture within our house. From those in the office, to the guys who show up to do the actual move, all have been friendly and efficient. We will use them again in the future. I couldn't recommend them more.

Wheez B. Canyon Country, CA 12/19/2017 5 Stars Rating
I have used ML on three separate occasions ( One long distance move and two small local moves). I was very happy with the prompt and professional service. Stairs, small elevators and bed assembly were no problem. As others have mentioned, read the contract carefully, but you get what you pay for here. Would definitely use them again.

Anthony R. Redwood City CA 1/30/2018 2 Stars Rating
These guys are super friendly and Miguel was very responsive, however the execution of 3 movers to move A Bed Frame, mattress, Sectional couch, a coffee table, a Flat screen TV, a desk and a coffee table should not take 3.5 hours to move across the street with a total cost of $643. With that I stepped away for about an hour and a half to run errands to see that by the time I got back, only half of my sectional had been moved. This prompted me to stick around and from there, they seemed to pick up their pace. One of the "movers" was an interpreter who did some moving and there was another mover who was pretty much deadweight and was there to Hold the doors and the elevator buttons. Again REALLY nice guys but not worth $643.

E G.
San Francisco, CA 4/7/2018 5 Stars rating
Excellent service, great experience. I scheduled a move for a start time of between 2-3:30 pm on a Friday. ML Movers showed up exactly at 2 pm and were ready to go. They were quick, professional, careful and friendly. I appreciated them wrapping my dresser and large picture to avoid damage and also wrapping my mattress to keep it clean. I highly recommend them. 

All this quality service for a very reasonable price! Be sure to book online and also pay in cash for discounted pricing. Thank you, ML!

Jeff A.
Redwood City, CA 6/12/2018 5 Stars rating
Very professional team. Arrived early, work fast, can respond to specific requests easily. Slightly expensive, but they didn't charge extra for packing or trash disposal. They can also move heavy items like safes or tables. Took 8 hrs to move 3-bd 3-bth house.

Catherine A. Sunnyvale, CA 6/20/2018 5 Stars rating
This is the 4th time we've used ML Movers - and I'm already looking to book our next one. Recently, they've been helping us move stuff into a storage pod while we renovate our house. They are always super polite, pay close attention to detail, work hard and the cost is reasonable. Could not recommend them more! We've had a number of friends use them at our suggestion and everyone is always very pleased.

Christopher A.
East San Mateo, CA 10/29/2018 5 Stars rating
ML Movers did a great job in helping my wife and I move. Everything was done professionally and quickly. We had no issues whatsoever with our move. The cash discount and no extra charge per floor (we have 3) was a plus. Also their price includes moving boxes. 

Would definitely recommend.